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It may be late in the day but I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year! & can I just say thank goodness there’s a year to be celebrating, what with the Mayan prediction telling us we were ALL GOING TO DIE on the 21st December. I totally ignored it right up to the day because frankly ha! Who could possibly swallow such a load of ancient civilisation twaddle? Couldn’t even predict their own demise etc. But of course it became the internet sensation of the year sweeping across the planet’s social networks; would the world come to an end?

Preparation wise we had one can of chick peas, the obligatory can of tomatoes & an out of date chocolate pudding. The plucky Brit attitude was not going to swing it for us this time. It was as nothing in comparison to the ‘Preppers’ of Colorado with their underground caves, massive amounts of pot luck meals & arson of weapons, which of course would be invaluable should the end of the world also bring with it say, an alien attack.

But what good is an Uzi, really against the four Norsemen of the Apocalypse (I’ve given it a Nordic Noire twist as most if 2012 was sporting).

Still, phew! Not even a close one. As the day progressed the weather became more gorgeous. Mike & I went to Bexhill & sat outside the gallery of the De La Warr Pavilion*

which seemed entirely appropriate. Drinking cappuccinos & feeling the heat of the sun on our weary wintered faces, it didn’t feel like it was all going to end. Frankly it felt like God saying ‘ya boo sucks’ to the Mayans

But it did get me thinking, especially as the rumour ran rife through the schools causing Mia some concern. If it was all going to end how could we prepare for it?

The Bible tells us it’s a privilege to know about the ‘when’ of our ending to be ready, to put our affairs in order. Of course this would be different what with the whole of mankind being wiped out & all. But it all comes down to the same thing in the end.

Relationships. Are they in good order, with my family? With God? Have I told any of them lately that I love them? Have silly simmering arguments been put right? Grudges released, anything owed paid in full? Everything that needs to be said or done, do it now if time is running out.

Well, I knew it wouldn’t end, not yet anyway. But I will try to continue to live as though time is of the essence, because it surely is.

Love in Jesus,


(* See ‘Adolf Hitler -His part in my Downfall’ by Spike Milligan~)


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