Baptism and Thanksgiving

Can I get my child baptised at St. Matthews?

Baptism is a chance for all the family to celebrate and thank God for the new life that He’s given. But baptism is also a sacrament, (an outward and visible sign of God’s love). When Jesus was baptised it was a turning point in His life. He became aware of God’s special presence in the power of the Holy Spirit.  After His death and resurrection Jesus told His followers to make new disciples and baptise them too. This has been done ever since by Christians.

A Christian upbringing is the most important thing we can give to our children and bringing them to baptism can be the start of this.  However, it may surprise you to know that the main focus at a baptism service is not the child being baptised, but the parents and godparents!

At a baptism service parents & godparents are asked to make promises about their own commitment to follow Jesus, promises that don’t pull their punches and which should not be taken lightly. Those willing to publicly make these promises are saying that Jesus is at the very centre of their lives and that they intend to live whole-heartedly for Him as Christian believers, moulded by and obedient to the teaching of the Bible.

You can’t make these promises with anything less than 100% commitment because they express an all-encompassing desire to serve Jesus as the King of every part of your life. Therefore it’s vitally important that parents and godparents have given serious thought to whether they can make those promises honestly.

If you’re not sure about what being a Christian means, click here,

Children are also baptised into a church family. So bringing your child to baptism is also a public commitment to becoming an active and regular part of the St. Matthew’s church family for the long-term future. At St. Matthews we welcome people of all ages, and our desire is to help everybody to come to know Jesus Christ more fully.

In the baptism service we also pray that one day they will want as adults to stand up for themselves to confirm the baptism vows which have been made on their behalf.  This is called Confirmation.

You therefore need to think carefully about the baptism of your children and all that it implies. To help you to do this, we’d like to encourage you and your family to make the effort to begin coming to St Matthews regularly. After a few weeks, if you think St Matthews is a church you could see you and your family becoming part of, we’d be happy to talk with further about baptism.