Our Core Values

  • We intend to be shaped by the Bible, properly applied in our lives. We want the careful and faithful application of the Bible to be at the heart of every area of church life.
  • We intend our approach to reflect Jesus’s welcome to everyone. We aim to make people of all ages, especially newcomers and guests, to be put at ease and made to feel welcome.
  • We want everyone in our parish and community to discover that they can know God now. Jesus died to give us eternal life, and we will look for appropriate and effective ways of sharing this good news of God’s love with all local people.
  • We value children and young people very highly. They need to experience the influence of the Christian community in ways that are appropriate and helpful to them.
  • We are determined to make prayer a priority in everything – individually, in groups and as a church. We know that God works by his Holy Spirit when his people pray.
  • We are committed to the world church – by informed praying, by supporting individuals, by giving through mission societies, and by being ready to serve the wider church ourselves.
  • We believe that everyone has a part to play in God’s work. Every member of the church should be valued, inspired and equipped to grow as a Christian and to contribute as a team member in the church’s task.