Faculty Application

We are currently applying to the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Chichester for permission to:

a) Removal and disposal of the front two rows of pews on either side of the nave.
b) Re-location of the pew frontal to in front of the current third pew in the nave.
c) Sanding and treatment of the woodblock flooring under the pews being removed.
d) Introduction of a portable TV monitor in the pew by the column in the new front row of the nave.
e) Introduction of new cables and sockets to plug in the new portable TV monitor. All cables will be hidden where possible, will be attached to the mortar joints and painted to match the backdrop.

A formal copy of the notice can be downloaded here.

Full details can be found in the documents to be downloaded below.

Statement of Significance
Statement of Needs
Application Statement
Existing Church Plan
Portable Screen and Cabling Routes