Our church academy – St Paul’s

“The Church believes the Church academy should ‘stand at the centre of the Church’s mission to the nation’” : ‘The Church Academy of the Future’ Review – March 2012

“St. Paul’s CofE Academy is a popular and progressive Church of England Primary academy that sets personalised children’s learning and Christian values at its heart. We are a very big academy and large in numbers but every child is well known, equally valued and staff and Governors work hard to meet their individual needs and ensure their ‘Learning Journey’ with us is as successful as possible.”   academy website

Since 2010, when our parish boundaries changed, St Matthews has been officially linked in partnership with St. Paul’s CofE Academy.

The relationship between St. Matthews and St. Pauls is hugely important for both church and academy, and we have worked hard in the past few years to build and strengthen the partnership between us.  Our previous Rector was a regular visitor to the academy as a governor, leading weekly assemblies, visiting lessons, making coffee for parents, running lunchtime and after-school Christian clubs and generally trying to be as helpful as possible.

Other members of the church family also help in a variety of ways in the life of the academy. Pupils, parents and staff also visit the church building regularly for special services throughout the year.

A small group from the church family visit St Paul’s CofE Academy to present the ‘Open the Book’ project.  Each presentation takes around 10-15 minutes and offers children and teachers an opportunity to hear the major stories of the Bible.

By taking a full part in the everyday life of the academy, we aim to actively support the Headteacher (Richard White), governors and staff in putting the ethos and values of the academy into practice.

In 2012, St. Paul’s received a very favourable “Section 48” report from the Diocese as to it’s effectiveness as a church academy.

For more information about the school, visit the academy website: